Happy trails on the banks of the St. Lawrence

Brock Trail boosts charm factor in historic Brockville

The path is beaten, but the trail still needs blazing.

And when it comes to the Brock Trail, John Taylor is taking steps to make sure upgrades keep moving along.

“The trail has existed for some time. Reconstruction was always identified as a capital project but it was always next year or the year after,” says Taylor, the chair of the Brock Trail Committee.

The Brock Trail is a five-kilometer multi-use path that winds its way through Brockville, Ontario. The decades-old trail runs along the waterfront and links parks in the community. It is a vital part of the charming city of 22,000, attracting joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, stroller-pushing families, skateboarders, and anyone who just wants to get some fresh air.

“The Brock Trail is an asset. It’s largely on city land. It’s free. And it can be used by anyone in town or anyone who is visiting the town,” says Taylor. “We hope people get enjoyment out of it.

In September 2014, Brockville city council approved a 10-year capital plan that commits funds to the overall improvement and expansion of the trail. The total investment by the city is $683,000—but for every dollar the city spends, the Brock Trail Committee and the Friends of the Brock Trail need to raise two dollars.

“We've been talking to the city for several years, but to actually have money in the bank was special,” says Taylor. “There's been an excellent response from the community.”

Enbridge has been an important part of that response, having recently donated $20,000 toward trail upgrades and expansion.

“Enbridge is proud to support the Brock Trail extension,” says Ken Hall, Enbridge’s Ontario-based senior advisor of public affairs. “The trail will serve the recreational use of thousands of residents and visitors to the area for many years. We support both environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyle choices—and the trail represents both.”

With so much work being done on the Brock Trail – which recently included the replacement of two bridges over Buell’s Creek – Taylor says the committee is pleased to have Enbridge on board.

“Funding is an issue and will continue to be an issue. We hope the relationship with Enbridge continues,” says Taylor. “This is an important project for the community.”